OpenMeta is a blog about living a child free lifestyle and all of the decisions, problems, and fun that comes with it.  Regardless of your marital status, race, gender, sexual orientation… All are welcome to open up and share their stories among other like-minded (or maybe not, we encourage polite debates) people.

About Us

We have had quite the journey to reach this place.  It was a long road, and we have even further to go.  Here is a little about us, the Devine’s, as individuals.

First thing’s first: We married in 2012.  We married young.

Kate Devine:


Hello, world!  I am here to bring you information, questions, and occasionally awesome photos of my adorable pets!  I love learning, reading, and exercising.  I am currently in school and studying Immunology.  I am very devoted to our child free lifestyle.  There are, as always, a billion moving pieces, however, I  have come to be happy and “zen”.  I love to answer questions and ask questions.  So please, don’t hesitate 🙂

Rich Devine:


Oh hi! My name is Rich, and I am a total geek. Most days I can be observed PC gaming, watching cartoons that I should have outgrown years ago, or just spending time at home with my darling wife and pets. To me, being child free is an opportunity to find fulfillment in life. It has its fair share of challenges, yet knowing I’ll have the freedom to determine my own life is more than worth it.